You Shop, We Drop!

Our ‘You Shop, We Drop!’ is a hands-free shopping experience. It allows people to shop without the hassle of carrying bags.

This means they can better enjoy their time shopping. They can also link their trip up with leisure, cultural and social activities.

Using the service also opens more possibilities up for travelling to and from the shops.

More walking, e-scooter, cycling and public transport. Good for the environment and personal health and wellbeing.

How will customers sign up and use the service?

Either through membership subscription or a PAYG capped fee, customers can receive their shopping at their home, office or hotel in one delivery.

While you need a Smartphone to use the service, customers don’t need to download an app.

We have designed the QR driven sign-up and order confirmation process to be as slick as possible. There are no system integration requirements for the retailer.

Customers track and manage their delivery in the same way they do so for online purchases.