Transforming Shopping Centres

Our solutions provide Shopping Centres valued support in their transformation activity, including:

  • Footfall generation
  • Increased dwell time and spend
  • Higher spend retainment from local catchment
  • Improved linkages across retail and leisure offering
  • Helping retailers ship-from-store

> Find out more about how we can help your retailer tenants thrive.

> For shopping parks and outlets, learn about opportunities to host a Micro Consolidation Hub.

> For town and city centre high streets, discover how our ‘You Shop We Drop!’ service can draw customers back.

Why do I need to do something transformative with my shopping centre?

Many employers have realised efficiencies of providing their workforce greater flexibility to work from home. Therefore many are consolidating their office-space requirements. This is reducing footfall in town and city centres.

A large proportion of people switched to online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are continuing to do so, even as restrictions lift.

The trend towards shopping more locally, has also accelerated.

These fundamental changes are restructuring the retail and leisure property markets. Cheaper rents are encouraging growth in Independent retailing. Furthermore, reduced floorspace requirements are creating opportunities to increase the leisure mix in destination retail centres.

It provides the context for transforming shopping centres, but not the solutions to the challenges faced!