Whitepaper 6: TSio Protocol: The Internet of Mobility

Integrated, seamless, secure and roaming mobility infrastructure for connected people and cars.

This Paper anticipates an emerging trend for integration of transport services, representing a $1 trillion per annum market concept called Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Rather than having to locate, book, and pay for each mode of transportation separately, MaaS will enable seamless planning, booking and itinerary management of door-to-door trips, wherever in the world you are.

It argues that services will remain constrained and delivered in silos, without a common rule set and governing framework. This framework will be implemented in a common machine-readable schema, with accompanying behavioural guidance, to govern interoperability between transport modes and across regional and international borders – the Internet of Mobility. It then proposes such a framework and advocates the development of TSio Protocol as a first step, by delivering seamless, secure and roaming global mobility account infrastructure for consumers and vehicles, using Blockchain & IoT technologies.

A novel crowdfunding mechanism, the “Community Token Economy Sale”, is identified for an open-source R&D programme, a key enabler of an open interoperable ecosystem and means of pump priming a new model for value exchange. It then introduces the members of the TSio Protocol “Minimum Viable Community”: TravelSpirit Foundation, GoMetro Mydex & MyLoop.

Whitepaper 6: TSio Protocol: The Internet of Mobility

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