Our Technology

Competing retailers and parcel carriers can use our technology to share infrastructure.

They work with us through Software-as-a-Service and Joint Venture.

Our 2 minute video explains how we can make last mile deliveries more efficient and green. It also introduces the added benefits our shared infrastructure can provide local communities and high streets – such as the ‘You Shop We Drop!‘ solution.

Our Micro Consolidation Hubs are powered by Blockchain technology, that provide retailers and parcel carriers the following benefits:

  • Contracting with a Neutral Facilitator
  • Independent and Tamperproof Business Logic
  • Transparent and Fair System
  • Retailer and Parcel Carriers retain Customer Relationship

Our ‘You Shop We Drop!‘ apps provide a slick and easy way for retailers to provide in-store customers improved experience, satisfaction and convenience.

Request a demonstration of our ‘You Shop We Drop!’ apps.