Micro Consolidation Hubs

Our ‘Micro Consolidation Hubs’ enable people to receive all their online parcels from a single delivery person (courier).

Couriers serving our hubs take away consolidated last mile deliveries from a range of parcel carrier companies.

As a result they can deliver the round more efficiently. This saves on otherwise duplicated time and mileage.

It means communities benefit from a ‘familiar face’ and goods delivered to their door by electric vehicles. This includes greater potential to use e-cargo bikes.

Couriers who don’t wish to maintain their own vehicle can simply come to the Hub and take away a preloaded e-van or e-cargo bike.

But our ‘Micro Consolidation Hubs’ provide communities a lot more than process parcels into more efficient rounds. Because they provide the local logistics to make other beneficial services viable.

For instance, our hubs enable a sustainable ‘You Shop, We Drop!‘ service for high street retailers.

They can also support recycling and reuse of goods within a community.

Supermarkets and Warehouses can use our hubs to redistribute goods to those in need. This will reduce the numbers of goods that would otherwise be destroyed and sent for waste disposal.

Where will you locate the Micro Consolidation Hubs?

We have designed our hubs to serve towns and cities as small as Kenilworth and as big as Canterbury City.

Local geography will determine the location. You’d typically expect to see a hub on the edge of the town with decent access to the highways.

How will parcel carrier companies work with the hub?

Parcel carriers will typically deliver to the hub in the early morning. We can then guarantee the parcels are delivered that day, or by a specified time.

We don’t relabel and we don’t add anything extra into the processes that happen without us. In many cases, where a carrier doesn’t have a local facility, the virtue of our hub reduces the number of physical handovers the carrier has to do.

We link all updates about the delivery to the carrier’s own systems. This means they continue to own the communications with the customer.

What technology are you using?

We have designed our operations to be as slick as possible, using parcel carriers barcodes with simple scanning devices.

In the background, we use blockchain technology for immutable proof of delivery. We also use this technology to provide a fair and transparent back office system. This creates trust in our role as a neutral facilitator of contracts between carriers and couriers.