Last Mile Delivery Efficiencies for Parcel Carriers

The parcels business is booming, and set to enjoy further growth. Online shopping behaviour continues to take route across almost every product category and customer segment.

However, in many areas of the UK the ‘last mile delivery’ arrangements remain costly. They are challenging to competitively service.

In these areas we can provide parcel carriers ways of saving delivery costs. We can also reduce local infrastructure overheads.

Our Micro Consolidation Hubs create a single drop-off point for all parcels destined for the area. They deliver at a lower cost while achieving the same service level promises made to the customer.

In places where Parcel Carriers cannot benefit from our Micro Consolidation Hubs, we can support them with:

  • certified proof of delivery, and
  • transforming their courier management practices

Finally, we are seeking parcel carrier partners to work with us on last mile delivery fulfilment for our ‘You Shop We Drop!’ service for town and city centre high streets.