Greening Up The Last Mile

Damascus Mile believes in a low carbon, green future.

Therefore, to achieve this, we provide technology that allows competing companies to share infrastructure.

Because by sharing we can:

  • provide life enhancing products and services,
  • support local communities and
  • minimise waste.

Business Benefits of Shared Logistics

By using our technology, and sharing logistics infrastructure, retailers and parcel carriers can:

  • gain more customers,
  • cut their carbon footprints,
  • achieve process efficiencies and
  • reduce overheads.

Our Partnerships Approach & Investment

Damascus Mile launched with investment from Innovate UK and the Cabinet Office Geospatial Commission.

As a result, we are now working with a range of partners.

This includes relevant UK authorities, infrastructure delivery companies and retailer consortiums. Therefore please contact us, if you want to explore a partnership.

Climate Action & Environmental Benefits

Local town transition and climate action groups are helping us design our technology and services. It means our green products and services work with and strengthen local communities.

As a result we can help people and places thrive. Finally, our solutions help people source local and grow the circular economy.

Our Technology

Competing retailers and parcel carriers can use our technology to share infrastructure.

They work with us through Software-as-a-Service and Joint Venture.

Our 2 minute video explains how we can make last mile deliveries more efficient and green. It also introduces the added benefits our shared infrastructure can provide local communities and high streets – such as the ‘You Shop We Drop!‘ solution.

Our Micro Consolidation Hubs are powered by Blockchain technology, that provide retailers and parcel carriers the following benefits:

  • Contracting with a Neutral Facilitator
  • Independent and Tamperproof Business Logic
  • Transparent and Fair System
  • Retailer and Parcel Carriers retain Customer Relationship

Our ‘You Shop We Drop!‘ apps provide a slick and easy way for retailers to provide in-store customers improved experience, satisfaction and convenience.

Request a demonstration of our ‘You Shop We Drop!’ apps.